Laser hardening

laser hardening of a spindle

Hard only where necessary

Avoid unnecessary deformation through the application of local surface hardening. Only the loaded area is locally hardened in laser hardening. Extremely high hardnesses arise, whereby the low heat input also guarantees minimal deformation or no deformation. However, the base material remains tough and can be easily processed.

laser hardened surface (cross section)

The smaller the surfaces for laser hardening and the smaller the hardening depth, the greater the economic benefit of laser hardening. The component is ideally used without any further rework after laser hardening. In addition to minimal deformation, hardening can be provided without oxidation by means of protective gases.



laser hardened slideway

Laser hardening is ideal for all components with surfaces which are heavily loaded locally, e.g.

  • Bearing and friction surfaces
  • Forming and cutting tools
  • Injection and glass moulds
  • Nozzles