Repair - Examples



Repaired with similar material after faulty sawing process

Part of a small-lot production was damaged. The repair was considerably cheaper than the new production of a single piece.

shaft of a combine harvester

Shaft of a combine harvester

The shaft of a combine harvester had worn in. It was welded on again with a material which provides better protection against wear and reground.

The repair costs were 30% less than the cost of procuring a replacement.

Part of a mould

Part of a mould

Repair with the same material after a milling error. Photo directly after the process.

The repaired workpiece was back at the customer's within 24h.

Repair of an aluminium workpiece

 Aluminium workpieces

Repair of aluminium workpieces. The welded-on material is an aluminium alloy which is more resistant to friction wear.