Laser integration

To buy a new machine or continue to use an old one? That is the question. 

In the same way as a milling spindle, the laser is a stand-alone tool, and various handling equipment such as robots or machine tools can therefore be easily integrated. In this respect, the integration can be implemented in such a way that both the laser process and a conventional process can be operated in the same machine, or a laser supplies several machines.

It is not possible to give general advice as to whether the purchase of a new machine or the modification of an old machine tool makes sense, as this depends on several factors. However, integration can be appropriate in many cases, e.g. if a machine tool is available. Even if the accuracies are not suitable for a metal-cutting process, it is normally "over-dimensioned" for laser processing with respect to stiffness and accuracy.

In addition to this, integration can be appropriate if

  • the work pieces have special geometries, for which systems already exist.
  • unused machine tools are available whose control and mechanical system are still serviceable.
  • a further process is to be used in addition to the laser process.

In the case of a new purchase, Riwalas can advise and procure suitable installations. In the case of laser integration, it can dimension and implement this in conjunction with cooperative partners.

It goes without saying that safety is of prime importance in the case of integration. The statutory requirements are complied with and the machine is CE-certified.